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Aimless Babble Z #319

What'cha` Been Playin`: Destiny, Volume, Uncharted 4!!!! --- Battleborn, Forza Motorsport Apex, Toukiden Kiwami, and Bravely Second.

What do you think about world building out...


Aimless Babble Z #318

One game shall not be named, as it's on the down swing with TKKNMSTR right now. Other than that, XCOM Vita, The Walking Dead, Need for Speed, Uncharted 3, Overwatch beta, Paragon, ...


Aimless Babble Z #317

XCOM on Vita, Destiny, Need for Speed so pretty Doom Beta, Overwatch Beta, Paragon Beta, Heroes of the Storm --- Tracer is awesome! Bravely Second, Ratchet & Clank, Dark Soul...


Aimless Babble Z #316

I bet you've never heard of these games Trioptical's been playin, Garbinge!, Super Combat Junior II, and Lore --- plus the Battleborn open beta. Also What We've Been Playin`: XCOM:...


Aimless Babble Z #315

TKKNMSTR, RPG, and Trioptical return with another Rapid Release Responses for the games coming out in the month of April. 

We've also been playing some stuff: Assassin's Cr...


Aimless Babble Z #314

With Trioptical gone, Gamer812 joins RPG and TKKNMSTR with a interesting look at Dead or Alive Xtreme 3. Also in What'cha` Been Playin`: The Division, XCOM: Enemy Unknown Plus, The...


Aimless Babble Z #313

RPGmaniac finished a ton of games this week in What'cha` Been Playin` --- Digimon Story: Cyber Sleuth, Mario Paper Jam, Tales of Zesteria, and Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Stee...


Aimless Babble Z #312

The Division, Hitman, Heroes of the Storm, Final Fantasy IV The After Years, and more in What'cha` Been Playin` this week.

We talk the price and desirability of PlayStation VR. ...


Aimless Babble Z #311

What'cha` Been Playin` was all about things not Destiny. Just Destiny comparisons with The Division, as well as Final Fantasy IV After Years, Far Cry Primal, Fire Emblem Fates: Con...


Aimless Babble Z #310

Destiny was mentioned.

We've been playing lots of stuff though, Final Fantasy IV (completed), the sequel-ish to that one, Mercenaries 2, Timesplitters: Future Perfect, Far Cry P...