The Walking Dead returns to What'cha Been Playing`, along with Assassin's Creed Liberation HD, Final Fantasy IV, Trails of Cold Steel, Digimon Stories: Cybersleuth, the Yokai Watch demo, and Mario Party 10. We tried to avoid Destiny, but...

Shotgun Golden Crosshairs were a go! 

Find out what 2015 games won what, plus the news; Aimless Babble Z #307, come have a listen!

I said it and it happened, there was no Destiny talk tonight. Well, not as much anyways. On the plus side, we got to play other stuff, Assassin's Creed: Freedom Cry, Final Fantasy IV, Fractured Space, Kyntt Underground, Trails of Cold Steel, and Digimon Story Cyber Sleuth.

How did those one game a month and game moratoriums work out? We talk about strategies for managing game libraries in the face of scarcity and a flood of new releases.

And finally the news, it's Aimless Babble Z #306. Take a listen and subscribe!

It looks like the weekly Destiny talks may be coming to a close. Final Fantasy IV, The Wolf Among Us, Cosmophony, The Last of Us: Left Behind, Heroes of the Storm, Mario & Luigi Paper Jam and Final Fantasy Explorers round out the rest of this week's What'cha Been Playin`.

We do another Rapid Release Response for the month of February's releases ---

Plus the news, it's Aimless Babble Z #305; have a listen!

I guess we'll be calling this one the Star Wars episode, where we finally find out what RPG thinks of Star Wars, having somehow not having seen them over the past few decades. Not only that, we had him watch all of them in episode order. Crazy, right?

Destiny time may be coming to an end in What'cha Been Playin`. Game of Thrones: A Telltale Game Series and also a modern classic? Plus Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel, Final Fantasy IV, Basketbelle, Knytt Underground, and Heroes of the Storm.
Plus the news for the week featuring The Division, Hitman, The Witness and new PlayStation releases. Aimless Babble Z #304, check it out!

Hey, 2016, Aimless Babble Z is back with TKKNMSTR, RPGmaniac05, and Trioptical. We've been playing some Destiny, Blizzard games on PC, mobile (filth), Amplitude, Tales From the Borderlands, Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel, Game of Thrones, Need for Speed, and Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel.

We try out a new segment currently called Rapid Release Responses where we react to the month's new and upcoming releases. (It's gonna be fun in February) Check it out.

Teased a bit of The Great Star Wars Experiment featuring test subject, RPG, which you'll hear next week,

And finally some news. Aimless Babble Z #303, we're glad to be back.

Gamer812 joins the podcast in the last of three, pre-pilot episodes, Episode 0.2 of the Gamer Advisory Panel Podcast with TKKNMSTR, Dagger_32, and Sinisterdragon. 

Community thingy, What`cha Been Playin`, Dagger's special, Retro Most Wanted, The News, Gripe Time, and whatever happens after that, which was Metal Gear Solid talk, forcing Dagger to get a Wii, buy Rock Band(?), and a little bit on TKKN's decision to buy an XBOX 360 Elite, another enhanced throwback episode for your enjoyment.

RPGmaniac05 made his podcast debut a few days after TKKN, January 29, 2008. I had no idea that Final Fantasy VII came up so early. The podcast's audio quality also got a huge boost when we moved over to Skype call recording. Hi, Pamela.

In the first half, TKKNMSTR, Dagger_32 and Sinisterdragon talk about games...and stuff

In the second half, TKKNMSTR, Dagger_32, Sinisterdragon, RPGmaniac05 and Mr. Lailoken talk about old games they want to play
From Talkshoe - 
"Alright we got it to work but it doesn't turn out too well...Mostly TKKNMSTR and Dagger...more TKKN than Dagger talking. TKKNMSTR, Dagger_32, Gamingangel, Jynweythek, Yukino in the GAP podcast pilot that should be deleted."
But it wasn't!
January 24, 2008, TKKNMSTR's debut as internet podcast guy, presented here with a few audio enhancements, Gamer Advisory Panel Podcast Episode 0 still doesn't sound great but it's our history.

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What'cha` Been Playing` featuring this week on Destiny, the Oryx Challenge and Sparrow Racing and Tales of Zestria

We talk playable and non-playable epilogues
And finally, Kojima Productions lives again. How about that future?
Star Wars interludes abound because it's Aimless and because it's the last year of Star Wars!
Aimless Babble Z #302, take a listen

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